It all begins with finding the right opportunity. There is plenty of housing for students, the range in quality is vast. Our team specializes in searching for properties that have the potential for their values to be improved either through a general refurbishment or a major development. To make sure we find the right properties for our clients we work closely with auction houses, receivers, local and national agencies, and developers. We then build detailed financial models for every property that we identify, allowing us to calculate a maximum purchase price based on the expected returns.

What we look for:

  • University cities outside of London with large home and overseas student populations. We normally concentrate our focus on the top 10 university cities (by student population).
  • Properties within walking distance to main university campuses or public transport servicing these campuses.
  • Properties within permitted student housing zones or properties that already have multiple occupancy permits.
  • Properties with potential that are usually in need of refurbishment or development.




Each property is purchased and owned by the client. We do not take any interest in the property except for working to ensure that once a property has been identified the sale can be completed. We will be with you all the way whilst the transaction is being processed; from viewing properties on your behalf, negotiating best purchase prices, and providing guidance on completing the purchase.

How we minimize outlays:

  • Buying properties that are worth more than what you pay.
  • Planning building works efficiently and then completing quickly.
  • Pre-letting completed properties with substantial advance rental of up to 12 months.


Maximize Value


Increasing the value and potential rental yield of a property usually involves a refurbishment or redevelopment.
In either case, our objective would be to turn the property into a more efficient, contemporary and profitable format. All properties will be renovated to our premium standards so as to command higher rentals.
For any refurbishment or redevelopment, we always use approved professional contractors. We typically use one main contractor for each project to ensure there are clear roles and responsibilities and costs are managed according to agreed budgets.

How we improve a property:

  • Strip the property back to the bare brick and joists.
  • Strengthen structure with new timber bracing joists and new flooring.
  • Install the latest specification insulation and sound-proofing.
  • Fit new electrics, plumbing and gas services.
  • Build new bathrooms, bedrooms and an open-plan living space.
  • Plaster, paint and furnish the entire property to a high specification.
  • * Depending on the property type and existing condition.


Rental Returns


Our integrated rental brand has been specifically designed to optimize the profitability of projects by letting, managing and maintaining the properties we develop for our clients.
We also use specialist agents in the market to increase exposure to the student population and to overseas students planning to study in the UK.

How we achieve high yields:

  • Finish properties to a very high standard.
  • Review pricing and constantly achieve the optimal balance of occupancy and price.
  • Targeted marketing to promote properties in the right way.
  • Deliver superlative levels of customer service 7 days a week.

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